What is Hlub Foundation?

Hlub Foundation is a non-profit charity that offers monetary scholarships to Hmong and refugee students in middle school, high school, and college to promote education. The mission of Hlub Foundation is to encourage giving from professionals/leaders and the community to younger generations to illicit motivation for higher education.

What is the goal of Hlub Foundation?

The goal of Hlub Foundation is to raise funding through sponsors, donations, and fundraisers so that scholarships can be made available annually for Hmong and refugee students.

What does the word "hlub" mean?

Hlub means love in Hmong. The intention of the foundation is to promote love, giving, and kindness.

Why is Hlub Foundation offering scholarships to middle school students and non-high school seniors?

Although less common, there are programs that offer scholarships for younger students to recognize their academic performance. Hlub Foundation intentionally targets this age group, as we believe that giving younger students recognition and monetary awards will promote confidence, sense of direction, and ensure that these students make decisions that leads to higher education.

Is Hlub Foundation funded through a grant and are there paid staff?

No and no. All members of Hlub Foundation are volunteers, who are contributing their personal time and resources for the cause of Hlub Foundation.

Does Hlub Foundation make any profits?

No. Hlub Foundation is organized exclusively for nonprofit, educational, and charity purpose.

Is Hlub Foundation 501(c)(3)?

Yes. Hlub Foundation is classified as a public charity under IRC Section and any contribution made to Hlub Foundation is tax deductible.

501(c)(3) letter

Who are Hmong and refugees?

Click here to learn more abut Hmong and other refugees.

Application Questions
How do I apply for a scholarship?

You can apply online through the scholarship section of our website. We do not accept mail applications.

Can I apply if I don't meet all the eligibility requirements?

No. Applicants must meet all the requirements to apply.

When Can I apply?

Applications will be available online on Sept. 1st through November 30th.

How do I know if my application was submitted successfully?

If your application was submitted successfully, the site would have taken you to a 2nd page, stating that it was submitted successfully. You will also get an email confirming that your application was received.

How do I correct mistakes made on a submitted application?

You can request changes on your application by contacting Hlub Foundation through the contact section of the website.

Will I be notify if I'm not awarded a scholarship?

No. Only awarded recipients are notified.

If I win, when will I be notified?

Notifications are sent out on February 1st.

Can I apply again if I was not awarded a scholarship?

Yes. Individuals who do not win are encouraged to apply the following year.

Can I apply again if I was awarded a scholarship?


Will I need proof for the information on my application?

If you are awarded a scholarship, you may need to provide proof of residency (State ID), proof of school attendance, and proof of GPA through a school transcript.

If I win, what is expected of me?

If you win, you are required to attend an award reception. You must also agree to have your name, picture, and bio be placed on Hlub Foundation as an awarded recipient.

If I win, what can I use the award money for?

We encourage that you use the award money for educational purposes (school fees, books, laptop, clothes), however once awarded, you may use it as you feel appropriate.

How does the selection process work?

Once the application is received by Hlub Foundation, identifications are blacked out to ensure anonymity. All applications are reviewed by volunteer judges, who selects the winners.

Can I apply if I am an immediate family of a member of Hlub Foundation or a immediate family of the person who is sponsoring the scholarship?

Yes, the scoring process is standardized and anonymous so your relationship will not have any impact on the results.

If I am applying as a freshman, what do I put down for my cumulative GPA?

The question ask for your most recent cumulative GPA. Please enter your most recent GPA. Meaning that if you are a freshman in high school, your most recent cumulative GPA would be from middle school. If you are a freshman in college, your most recent cumulative GPA would be from high school.

Sponsor Questions
What is sponsorship?

Sponsor means that you or your agency is choosing to fully sponsor one of the scholarship in the amount of $500 or $1,000. By sponsoring, you can name the scholarship, you will be recognized on Hlub Foundation with a self-portrait, a business logo, a self or agency bio, a link to your facebook, and a link to your website. You will also receive an invitation to the award reception, where the award will be distributed on your behalf. 100% of the contribution goes to the recipient.

Can I co-sponsor a scholarship?

You can co-sponsor a $1,000 scholarship, where you would contribute $500 and another individual would contribute $500.

I would like to sponsor but I have additional questions.

If your question is not answered in the FAQs section, you can email your question to admin@hlubfoundation.com.

How do I donate?

Click here to sponsor a scholarship