Koua Thao

Sponsor Bio

Koua Thao is the owner of My Home Care, LLC (MHC) and a former Milwaukee Public School Social Worker. My Home Care, LLC (MHC) is a state certified personal care agency founded in 2010. MHC's Mission is to provide the highest quality of personal care services essential to the improvement of physical, mental, and social conditions of our clients who are unable to care for themselves due to disabilities, advanced age, and or other health conditions while living at home. With MHC, you get paid caring for your loved one at home. Please visit us at My Home Care, LLC or call 414-342-8300 for details.

Contact Information

My Home Care, LLC
3510 W Burnham St.
Milwaukee, WI, 53215
Office: (414) 342-8300
Fax: (414) 342-8332

email: myhomecarellc@att.net


$500 - My Home Care, LLC Scholarship (Hmong)
$500 - My Home Care, LLC Scholarship (Refugee)