Leng Lee

Sponsor Bio

Leng Lee is the founder of Hlub Foundation and a Psychotherapist/Refugee Program Manager at Sebastian Family Psychology Practice, LLC. Leng graduated with undergraduate double majors in Psychology and Social Work and a graduate MSW degree in the concentration of Mental Health and Substance Abuse from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Leng was awarded a stipend clinical internship at the Additive Disorders Treatment Program at the VA Hospital, Madison, WI and also received an Advanced Opportunity Fellowship for his graduate program at UW-Madison (2005-2006). Leng is a dual licensed clinician and provides mental health and substance abuse counseling to Hmong, refugees, and other clients in Milwaukee, WI.

Leng started Hlub Foundation with the intent to encourage philanthropy in the Hmong and refugee community and to encourage professionals/leaders to give back to younger generations.

Contact Information

Hlub Foundation Inc
P.O. Box 342793
Milwaukee, WI 53234

email: admin@hlubfoundation.com


$1,000 - Hlub Scholarship