Mai Zong Vue

Sponsor Bio

Mai Zong Vue received her MSSW from UW-Madison in 1997. As a pioneer in higher education, she continues to support and advocate for educational opportunities for Hmong students. Mai Zong currently works for the state of Wisconsin. However, this is a community educational effort separately from her job. As the first in Mai Zong's family to enter college, she understands the value of an education and has been promoting higher education for Hmong students and parents by speaking at high school graduation events, conferences, her kwv txhiaj albums, consulting with parents, and mentoring students.

To close the academic achievement gaps for the Hmong students in Madison, Mai Zong and her husband co-founded the Hmong Language and Cultural Language Enrichment Program in 2013. Please vist Hmong Language and Cultural Enrichment Program (HLCEP) to learn more about this initiative.

Mai Zong is currently the Chair Board Director of Hlub Foundation and was also involved in the initial organizing of Hlub Foundation.

Contact Information

HLCEP - Badger Rock Middle School
501 E Badger Road
Madison, WI 53713



$500 - Xia (Thor) Vang Scholarship