Pai Yang

Sponsor Bio

Milwaukee Asian Market Phongsavan was started in 2008 by Pai Yang. The managerial team consists of The Owner, Pai Yang, President, Tou Vang, and Thai Vang as the Operations Manager. Milwaukee Asian Markets Phongsavan operates similar to a mini market mall, where rented vendors specializes in Asian food items and merchandises. Currently, the vendors list includes a grocery store, several fresh produce markets, restaurant, deli counter, and many markets selling authentic clothing and merchandises for everyday use.

In 2016, Milwaukee Asian Market Phongsavan will be expanding by adding a new 84,000 square feet building next to its existing facility. It will add new restaurants, coffee shops, a meat counter, liquor department, a multi-purpose room, more vendor spaces, and professional private offices. The new facility will also include a medical clinic and pharmacy.

In addition, Milwaukee Asian Market Phongsavan hopes that it's project will bring the community together, create entrepreneur opportunities, new jobs, and showcase one of Asia's rich culture to the public. Milwaukee Asian Market Phongsavan have always wanted to give back to the community and has donated $1,000 toward the Milwaukee Asian Market Phongsavan Scholarship.

Contact Information

Pai Yang (414) 243-8476
Tou Vang (414) 491-9973
Thai Vang (414) 712-1231


$1,000 - Milwaukee Asian Market Phongsavan Scholarship